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Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jasper

Artikelnummer: 010202

Picasso Jasper 6mm beads

  • Color Choice

    Please notice that color modification is the color of the ribbon, not the color of the beads ;)

  • Sizing

    The size refers to the circumference of the wrist, measure wrist tightly :

    • S = 15-17cm total length 17cm
    • M = 17-19cm total length 19cm
    • L = 19-21cm total length 21cm
    • XL = 21-23cm total length 23cm

    We recommend to pick a bigger size, if you tend to the end of a size, for example:

    Wristcircumference = 18,7cm, your size is still M but it will fit tightly

    We recommend a size L, if you prefer a more comfortable fit.

  • Modification

    The modification is just the option of choosing an additional skull bead.
    You can either choose a white skull 6mm, black skull 6mm or no skull (plain).

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Ribbon Color