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Create your very own

You found a bracelet you like, but aren´t happy with the ribbon color options? You are  looking for something unique, especially made for you? No problem!
Just send us a message and we´ll see what we can do for you!

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Hanging loose?

After a while of rocking your Trillium Beads, they just don´t look as fresh as they used to… Sometime the colour of the ribbon fades, sometimes the knot loosens up. It can have various reasons, why some of your accessorize loose their spark over time. Those things happen with natural materials. But we don´t like the thought, that you can’t enjoy your Trillium Beads, as you used to. We want them to look good, we want you to be happy and satisfied with your bracelet! That is why we came up with something that you might like…As our customer you have the option to send your Trillium Beads back to us after 12 months of wearing them. We´ll take your bracelet apart, exchange broken beads and thread them up on to a new ribbon (and maybe try out a new colour). This way your Trillium Beads will be as good as new! And this service will be absolutely free of charge, the only cost you have to cover is the shipment to us. Interested? For more information just click on the link below and we can get in touch!

Wristgame by our Co-Founder _justusf_han


Pair up!

Want to top up your wrist game? Go ahead then and get your watch! You can combine any watch with your Trillium Beads. Just be cautious when it comes to  watches made out of precious materials such as 18 karat gold. That valuable metal tends to be quite soft and is sensitive to scratches. You can still wear your Trilliums to your high priced collectable, just don´t overdo it with the number of bracelets. We recommend  one to three Trillium Beads paired with your timepiece! Feel free to contact us for more questions concerning that matter.

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